Wilian Campos


Maximum One Community - Rome

About Wilian Campos

Wilian Campos is very grateful to God for his beautiful wife Evelyn and his two beautiful children he promotes family values ​​which are the foundation of society, his passion is Serving others and the community; For many years he worked as a youth pastor at "New Wine Ministry" (Ministerio El Vino Nuevo ")  where he is currently an usher. As a Salvadorian immigrant who becomes U.S Citizents he knows the importance of the American dream. owning a house and his biggest motivation is for each family to have their own house for the comprehensive development of families. Knowing laws is important, which is why he studied law school in the country where he was born and knows the importance of every Citizen of the United States of North America deserves to own his own home and is determined that everyone has the opportunity to acquire the home  Of your dreams. Let me help you, it will be my privilege to serve you together with Maximum One and all the experience, logistics and collaborators, useful tools to make your dream come true. It is a right as citizens of this blessed nation. “We the People”

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